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We emphasise: brand quality, virtue and positioning

Brand Quality
TCC International Holdings Limited ("TCC") perseveres with the manufacturing of products of excellent and reliable quality using internationally recognised technology and ever innovative methods.

Brand Virtue
TCC uses customer satisfaction level to measure the success of its brand, and gains trust and reputation through honest and down-to-earth practice.

Brand Positioning
TCC is an advocate of art and culture and respects local customs and practices. TCC also strives for a balanced ecology.


TCC has always adopted the most advanced and highly efficient NSP system to produce premium cement. TCC Research and Development Centre, equipped with the state-of-the-art chemical and physical apparatus, strictly monitors the quality of each product and conducts quality checks on various products and carries out related research and development projects, with the aim of ensuring that its products can meet the safety and reliability requirements of clients.

TCC will implement an ISO management system in all of its plants, ensuring that they will meet the internationally recognised ISO9001quality standards and ISO14001 environmental management standards.

concept of environment protection

TCC believes "Environmental protection is responsibility, and not a cost". Since environmental protection and sustainable economic development interact and complement each other, environmental protection and the economy together will constitute a favourable cycle for a better social living quality. Hence, TCC holds fast to the principle of "what is taken from the society should be used in the interests of the society" for years, and proactively involves in environmental protection, while facilitating operating management.

Resources from different sectors in the society contribute to the success of TCC. Therefore, it is necessary to show respect for the resources taken from the environmental during the production process and to protect our existing environment. TCC aims at establishing a lasting company, by building around the ideology of "Enhancing market competitiveness, maximising the re-use of resources, lowering unit energy consumption, reducing waste and utilising cement kilns to assist other enterprises in treating waste".

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